Relocation Policy

LSS Relocation provides guidance to organisations with identifying goals and objectives, comprehensive relocation programme design and cost modeling. Our expertise is used to address complex relocation issues such as attracting transferring employees to high cost locations, total programme cost reduction strategies, consolidating a decentralised programme and simplifying the relocation process.


LSS Relocation will research specific areas for clients to establish the required house pricing, utility cost and cost of living. This services is offered on a global basis to give a complete picture of your programmes in comparison to your competitors.

Visa & Immigration Services

Through our partners we manage and oversee a complete range of immigration services and assist globally with:

  • Passports
  • Visas
  • Work & Residence Permits
  • Local Registrations

Expense Management

LSS Relocation will handle all the utility and assignment expenses for employees. This reduces the administrative burden on our corporate clients, as well as offering a time saving and cost effective solution for managing employee expenses. We can also track costs for tax reporting as required, thereby providing an easily accessible audit trail.

Worldwide Destination Services

LSS Relocation provides a complete range of worldwide destination services, including logistical and counselling support to locate and place employees and their family in new residence at the host country.