LSS Relocation is among the most established domestic and international relocation service providers in the UK. We offer a comprehensive suite of relocation services and are the preferred relocation company for businesses with employees relocating within the UK, as well as for global businesses managing employee moves worldwide. We ensure the delivery of a service tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

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  • All Services

    LSS provides more than just relocation services. With deep rooted in-house expertise, LSS provides the full breadth of services, from writing your mobility policy to relocation expense management. This means LSS can assist you with all aspects of an employee's relocation, enabling us to offer you a truly end-to-end solution for your company.

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  • International Relocation

    As an established relocation service provider, LSS Relocation offers a comprehensive suite of relocation services for our clients, their employees and the trailing families. As a preferred relocation company for businesses globally who have employees moving all over the world, we ensure we offer and deliver a service tailored to our clients’ needs.

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  • Domestic Relocation

    As one the UK's most established relocation service providers, LSS Relocation offers a comprehensive suite of relocation services. As a preferred relocation company for businesses who have employees entering or moving within the UK, we ensure we offer and deliver a service tailored to our clients’ needs.

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  • Temporary Accommodation

    LSS Relocation specialises in tailored temporary accommodation solutions worldwide, catering to businesses seeking short or long-term stays for their employees. Our bespoke approach ensures seamless access to a global network of serviced accommodation, meeting diverse needs with precision and speed.

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  • Immigration Services

    LSS Relocation’s immigration services focuses on minimising the total cost of the immigration process. LSS has developed resources for managing worldwide, regional and country-specific immigration, visa and work permit programs and processing.

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  • Removal Services

    LSS manages a global network of removal suppliers and offers our clients and their employees a complete end-to-end service when moving their household goods anywhere in the world.

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  • Expense Management

    As global relocation specialists, we recognise the challenge of overseeing international team expenses. Managing relocation expenses, from gathering and verifying bills to making payments, can be a complex and time-consuming task. Our expense management service simplifies this entire process and more. We meticulously track and report all relocation costs, ensuring transparency and control throughout.

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    Location Strategy Solutions was established as a Relocation Company in 1986. We help corporations and individuals relocate nationally and internationally across the world. As one of the industries longest established relocation service providers, LSS has effectively managed thousands of moves for both fast growing companies emerging into the global market through to those with large well established mobility programs. We are proud of our reputation for excellent customer service, innovative forward thinking and trouble free relocations.


    Reduced layers to maximise client cost savings

    Are you moving abroad? We have reduced the number of operational layers involved by having our own direct relocation consultants across the ground for the UK, Europe, Asia and US to deliver our services.

    One of LSS’s key differentials is our aim to reduce unnecessary cost to our clients by cutting out additional layers wherever possible and allowing us to offer a more streamlined cost effective service as a result.

    Personalised Relocation Services

    LSS is known for its flexibility – we believe that the ‘one size fits all’ philosophy does not work well in our industry, in consequence, we have a consultative approach and offer bespoke relocation programs to suit our clients direct needs.

    Each relocation is offered a ‘shopping list’ approach of services which reduces unnecessary cost and ensures your employees are happy with our personalised relocation package during their move.

    Short term Accommodation Brokerage solution

    LSS utilise an online brokerage solution to ensure we source the best value short term accommodation for your relocating employees on every move – we utilise the best serviced accommodation providers across the market in every region of the world.

    Removals broker for your move

    We find your company the very best price for removals, going out to the removal providers and having the leverage to get you the best relocation removal costs.

    If you are moving your office, company or yourself, see what we can do when it comes to well priced removals and moves.



    When looking for relocation companies, we can offer an all-in-one relocation package

    Our services

    We deal with everything from putting together your mobility policy, immigration requirements, sourcing temporary and long term accommodation during the move, finding schools for children, arranging removal of personal effects and general move management. With our relocation experience in countries from America to China, we coordinate relocations from the smallest to the largest moves. Our single point of coordination allows for seamless management of these moves on your behalf.

    What others says about us

    You will see from the quotes below by people we have already relocated, how valuable our services were to them

    The Employee

    We at LSS recognise and appreciate the personal stress involved when moving to a new country, and understand the need to settle into both a new job and lifestyle smoothly and quickly. We appreciate that, when moving to a new destination, the education of your children and the welfare of your family can be of paramount importance.

    The Corporate Client

    We know how important it is for the client to be kept fully informed and for their employees to feel relaxed about coming to a new country on assignment. All our corporate clients expect and receive a highly professional service. Although we provide regular ongoing status updates throughout the process, busy HR personnel can make use of our relocation tracking system at any time to keep themselves informed of the progress. As a result of our high level of service, LSS Relocation has built a client base across the spectrum of respected international corporations and industries, including airlines, chemicals, finance, technology and the legal sector amongst others.