Immigration Services

To many Multinational Companies, immigration is the little issue that generates big headaches. Your business requires that you be able to hire non-local talent or to transfer employees around the world.

LSS is the answer. We are focused on minimizing the total cost of the immigration process. LSS has developed resources for managing worldwide, regional and country-specific immigration programs and visa processing. Initially, we strategically partner with each client to establish immigration program policies and formulate procedures.

Refining the Immigration Process

Partnering with each client provides us with an in-depth understanding of their business needs and goals, and allows us to refine custom immigration procedures and solutions as the relationship evolves. LSS employs the most efficient strategies to facilitate employee mobility, while proactively addressing all aspects of immigration compliance.

LSS provides a full range of immigration solutions to help get people to their desired destinations – on time and in compliance with local immigration laws and regulations. We offer services for the complete array of business immigration transactions, including:

  • Business visitor visas, temporary work and residence permits, entry clearances, entry visas and passports;
  • Guidance for security and medical clearance processing;
  • isa issuance and counselling on entry and departure procedures;
  • Document procurement, including acquisition, translation, legalization and apostilles;
  • Advice on short-term assignment planning and back-to-back assignment strategies;
  • Guidance and assistance with applications for investors;
  • Business traveller services; and
  • Dependent/family member processing, ability to work, student-related matters and maintenance of status.

Single Source

Our global network resource allows us to serve our clients seamlessly across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. Our understanding of local culture and case processing nuances enable us to deliver optimal results to you.

Eliminate Hidden Costs

LSS understands that the biggest costs of immigration are often hidden non-productive employee time, internal management costs, extra travel and entertainment expenses, and compliance problems. We’ve designed our services to eliminate these hidden costs. While LSS’s price points are competitive with other providers, our ability to reduce your total cost is unmatched.

Flexibility and Scalability

Today you have a need to transfer a group of employees to Singapore. Tomorrow you might need to organize an acquisition in France or America. The day after that you may need to place one employee in Brazil. LSS’s services give you the scalability that you need.

Great Service

LSS also delivers exceptional customer service, and we have years of customer surveys to prove it. Our Immigration Consultants are committed to removing the hassles from the immigration process while still providing the highest level of professional performance. Take a look at some of our clients’ comments about LSS’s services in the Testimonials section of this site.

LSS Relocation have the professional expertise and technology to support all of your movements. Further, we have tremendous flexibility to customize our services to fit your needs and requirements.

Our aims

To define and implement best practices that will:

  • Consolidate the delivery of immigration-based services, improve service and reduce costs
  • Simplify instruction and invoicing processes
  • Provide continuous process improvements
  • Improve quality of services
  • Maximise compliance with statutory immigration regulations.