HR Consultancy

HR Consulting

LSS Relocation takes a holistic approach to HR Consulting. We believe in delivering what is best and most effective for the organisation and their employees; to marry the policy with the culture and philosophies of the company – this means getting to know and understand our clients from the inside out by learning the parts that make up the whole. The organisation’s corporate values and intent should drive the design and implementation of policies and practices, not current fashion or what works for another company. Also, policies and practices should provide the required support for 3-5 years, not just for, and of, the moment. However, circumstances do change and it is always sensible to revisit policies and practices at least every 5 years to ensure they remain true to the organisation’s needs and values; even if nothing is changed after the review.

LSS Relocation’s HR Consulting Services use experienced, practical and pragmatic professionals who can help organisations spend their budget efficiently and effectively; reducing risks – both legal and financial – whilst always being aware of the wellbeing of valued employees and their families.

LSS Relocation can support organisations of all sizes and at all levels of maturity of the mobility spectrum; whether your moves are permanent or temporary, international or domestic.

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