Introduction and Background

With a proven and established background in both domestic relocation, property management and sales we are perfectly placed to offer exceptional services which are specifically designed to your requirements. We are happy to work to mutually agreed KPI’s and service standards to ensure the best outcome for all involved.

We have been managing domestic employee relocation since 1984!

Services Offered

Guaranteed Sale Price Scheme (Homesale)

We offer an enhanced service for clients backed up by our expertise and knowledge in the relocation field and property management services.

For the GSP scheme we maximise the price received for the employee whilst minimising the risk to the client. This is achieved through rigorous processes and checks to ensure that the valuation process and everything else that comes after this is managed and controlled in line with policy.  

Our service is tailored to client requirements whilst adhering to strict HMRC rules governing the scheme.  We provide additional benefits to the scheme which we believe are unique to the traditional scheme, enhancing the experience received by all parties.

Managed Sale (Marketing Assistance)

With the Managed Sale scheme, the employee still receives the benefits associated with the selling of their property through a professional and experienced organisation without the company incurring any risk of a loss or extended marketing or financial costs. 

Our enhanced sales progression process is designed to reduce the number of aborted sales giving the employee the added security that the sale will progress to completion.

Outright Purchase

For clients who wish to remove all risk associated with their employees move, we can also offer an Outright Purchase scheme.  In this scenario, the client knows the exact cost of the relocation upfront before making any commitment to purchase the individuals home. The employee receives a guaranteed price for their property, and we take all the risk associated with selling the property. 

Existing Client Properties (Orphans)

In addition, we would be happy to support you with any existing properties that you need to dispose of.  This can be via any of the services that we offer or just simply providing advice and recommendations based on our extensive experience of managing properties.

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