Before relocating to Edinburgh it is worth doing some research. Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and is located in Lothian on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth. Edinburgh has a population of around 493,000 and is home to the Scottish Parliament. The city is highly regarded and a centre of education, especially in the fields of medicine, Scottish law, the sciences and engineering. Edinburgh’s historical and cultural attractions have made it the second most popular city in the United Kingdom after London. The city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and has been managed by Edinburgh World Heritage since 1999.

Visa requirements when relocating to Edinburgh

Anyone moving to the UK from outside the EU will need to possess some sort of work visa if they wish to legally be employed in the UK. There are a number of work visas to choose from.

Tier 1 general visas – allows investors, entrepreneurs and people with specialist skills to enter the UK to work without being tied to a particular employer were discontinued in 2011. Any person that holds a valid Tier 1 visa can apply for an extension until 2015.

Tier 2 Work Visas – These visas are granted to non-EU nationals who have a job offer in the UK from a licensed sponsor and hold a certificate of sponsorship.

Tier 5 Temporary Worker Visas – Expats interested in moving to the UK to work for a short period may be able to apply under the Tier 5 Temporary Worker visas.

Anyone who wants to remain in the UK for the longer term may be eligible to apply for permanent residence. People who have lived legally in the UK for a certain length of time, usually between two to five years can apply; depending on the category of visa they are currently in possession of.

Visa regulations are subject to change at short notice and expats should contact their respective embassy or consulate for the latest details.

Currency when relocating to Edinburgh

Pound sterling (GBP). Comprises of 100 pence or pennies

Time difference when relocating to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is in the same time zone as London and observes Daylight Saving Time.

Useful facts when relocating to Edinburgh

Country: Scotland
Official Language: English, Gaelic, Scots
Unit of measure: Metric and Imperial
Electricity supply: 230 volts, 50Hz.

Emergency numbers:
Dial 999 for police, ambulance and fire services
Dial 111 for non emergency services

Travel connections when relocating to Edinburgh

Airports: Edinburgh Airport
Train stations: Edinburgh Waverley,
Main Road: M8, A90, A1

Major cities close to Edinburgh: Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee

Property prices when relocating to Edinburgh

As a general guide you will find property prices are influenced by location and demand. Your choice of location will be influenced by your place of work. Local agents will be the best place to start. The process of buying any type of property or land is strictly regulated. The services of certain professionals are usually required for the process. The local estate agent should be able to give an estimation of all fees and the property charges the buyer will be responsible for when they become the owner.

Typical property prices in Edinburgh; You can expect to pay an average asking price of £383,771.

Typical property rental prices in Edinburgh; You can expect to pay an average rental cost of £1078 pcm.

Property agents when relocating to Edinburgh

Strutt & Parker Edinburgh Estate Agents
28 Melville Street
T: 0131 226 2500

Neilsons Estate Agents Edinburgh
138 St John’s Road
City of Edinburgh
EH12 8AY
T: 0131 316 4444

D.J. Alexander Estate Agents Edinburgh
52 Dundas Street
T: 0131 558 3000

Local council offices when relocating to Edinburgh

City of Edinburgh Council
City Chambers
High Street
T: 0131 200 2324

Leisure & entertainment when relocating to Edinburgh

Cineworld Cinemas
Fountain Park
130/3 Dundee Street
EH11 1AF
T: 0871 200 2000

Drumbrae Leisure Centre
30 Drum Brae Terrace
T: 0131 312 7957

The Edinburgh Festival
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
180 High Street
T: 0131 226 0026

Restaurants when relocating to Edinburgh

La Favorita Restaurant
325-331 Leith Walk
T: 0131 554 2430

Martin Wishart
54 Shore
T: 0131 553 3557

Gusto Edinburgh
135 George Street
T: 0131 225 2555

Home entertainment & communication when relocating to Edinburgh

Mobile phone:

Education when relocating to Edinburgh

Fettes College
Carrington Road
Tel: 0131 311 6744

St Georges School for Girls
Garscube Terrace
EH12 6BG
Tel: 0131 311 8000

The Edinburgh Academy
42 Henderson Row
Tel: 0131 556 4603

Relocation Companies Edinburgh

Location Strategy Solutions (LSS Relocation) was established in 1986. The Company has grown through innovation and excellent customer service provision and now includes many major international companies among its clients. LSS Relocation should be your first choice when it comes to relocating to Edinburgh.

LSS is very much engaged with and involved in the world of national relocation and international relocation with memberships and council involvement within the ARPEuRA to name but a few. Through LSS’s long history within the relocation arena, deep rooted partnerships have been established across the globe allowing LSS to deliver to their corporate clients the right service for their particular needs, whether requiring seamless coordination across multiple jurisdictions or delivery in a single location.

We understand the need to combine a professional service with the personal touch, so important when dealing with the inherent stress of relocation and the particular requirements of each individual and family. Through maintaining our independence we can treat your employees as human beings and not a number in a database.

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