Property Management Services

LSS Relocation coordinates all the details such as securing and screening tenants, collecting rent, making monthly payments, scheduling routine maintenance and managing the upkeep of property.

Tenancy Management

LSS Relocation makes ongoing payments and reimbursements to employee or to their landlord. Payments include rent, utilities, auto lease, and any other recurring assignment costs. In delivering services on a global scale, our Relocation Consultants utilise the resources of a select list of specialised service firms who rate at the top of their service niches.

We also negotiate the renewal or extension of tenancies and ensure all relevant certificates are in place. For HR this means that they are dealing with one contact at LSS Relocation rather than with a variety of agents and landlords.

Tax Preparation Assistance

LSS Relocation provides payroll and tax preparation assistance to the client through preferred suppliers.
Information Resources

Provides on-going local assistance to employee and family for questions and needs as they arise.

Managed Home Sale

Our managed home sale service includes appointing agents, advising on optimising property marketing potential, advising on offers received, and concluding all sale arrangements with our partner solicitors, surveyors and other professionals.

Lease Renewal

LSS Relocation will monitor lease expiry dates and advice the client accordingly. If an extension is needed LSS Relocation will work with the various parties to ensure that the key terms of the new arrangement are duly agreed and executed.