Home Search Assistance

This service is coordinated by the Account Manager who appoints a Consultant to the employee and their family; it includes counselling and in-depth needs assessment concerning finding long term housing in the host country. LSS Relocation’s consultants will show a variety of properties meeting the employee’s and company’s housing and allowance policies. Also assistance will be given with the lease negotiation, paying of deposits, opening bank accounts and possible furniture rental.

Lease Negotiation and Move in Assistance

When a property has been chosen, LSS Relocation will put forward the offer to the agent or landlord, and negotiate the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement. The client and employee are kept informed at all stages, and developments may be viewed on line via our relocation tracking system.

School Search

For families, the education of their children is the most important consideration when moving to a new destination. LSS Relocation can explain the different educational options. Once the educational needs and preferences of the children are established, we will research for appropriate schools with places, make appointments with selected schools or colleges and will accompany the parents on these visits, if required. For children with special needs or educational requirements LSS Relocation works with Education Specialists.

Inventory Check In

LSS Relocation will organise an inventory check to protect the interests of the employee and client. We will also arrange key handover.