Short Term Accommodation

Temporary housing may be used by a client for an employee who needs accommodation for a few weeks/months until their chosen property is available or their furniture has arrived. Short term accommodation or serviced apartments can also be a good alternative to a hotel for extended business trips. Services include temporary housing, travel arrangements and hotel suggestions Whatever is needed, LSS Relocation can identify the most appropriate solution to match your employee’s requirement.

Orientation Tour

Whilst many people we relocate already have a clear idea of where they want to live; there are others who would like have a look at different areas before they come on their home search visit, or even before deciding to make the commitment to move to a particular country. We will appoint a consultant to drive the employee and his/her family to different areas to view sample properties, local facilities and other amenities. We will also provide maps and general information on living in the country, and specific information on the areas visited.

Moving / HHGs Service

LSS Relocation provides this service via their panel of partner suppliers. Operationally however we will have our own in-house surveyor within the UK who would survey on behalf of the client and their assignee (this allows for only one visit to their property), this report would then be forwarded to the selected companies. With this method we can also use any removal company that the client may have a particular preference to. If this operational requirement is needed by the host or home location then LSS Relocation could also provide this.