Settling In Services

LSS Relocation provides programmes through local providers designed to assist in the employee and family’s adjustment to host country living. Typical services include:

  • Assistance with utility set-up
  • Intro to other expatriate families in host country
  • Registration with local authorities
  • Doctors registrations
  • Furniture rental / purchase
  • Auto lease / purchase
  • community resources

Language & Cross-Cultural Training Programmes

Arranging for a complete range of training courses and customised classes designed to develop the family’s knowledge of the host country, its customs and culture and business practices.

International Banking Services

LSS Relocation working with its global service partners, assists the employee in setting up accounts at local banks that have the capability to conduct business in English for ease of use.

Employee / Family Transition and Spousal Assistance

LSS Relocation provides career transition services, spousal employment assistance, expatriate career support, outplacement and customised business solutions to meet the needs of individuals and organisations.