Relocation To Australia

All you need to know when relocating to a different country

What you need to know for relocation to Australia
Before relocating to Australia it is worth doing some research. Australia is famous for the warm welcome it gives to new migrants of all nationalities. Australia is officially called the Commonwealth of Australia, comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, Tasmania, and many smaller islands. Australia is the world’s sixth largest country by total area. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II.The Australian continent was discovered by Dutch explorers in 1606, Australia’s eastern seaboard was claimed by Great Britain in 1770.

Australia ranks highly in many international comparisons of national performance, such as quality of life, health, education, economic freedom, and the protection of civil liberties and political rights.

Visa requirements

There are a number of visas available for working and living in Australia.
The main visas are:

Visitor visa for Australia (Subclass 976)
Visitor visa for Australia (Subclass 651)
Visitor visa for Australia (Subclass 676)
Visitor visa for Australia (Subclass 679)
Work and holiday visa (Subclass 462)
Employer-sponsored work visa (Subclass 457)
Permanent residence in Australia
Retirement visas for Australia
Visa regulations are subject to change at short notice and expats should contact their respective embassy or consulate for the latest details.


The Australian Dollar (AUD or $A) is the official currency in Australia, and is divided into 100 cents.

Time difference

There are three time zones: Eastern (GMT +10), Central (GMT +9.5) and Western (GMT +8).
Daylight savings is observed.
Australia is +10, +9.5 or +8 hours ahead of London , depending on location.

Useful facts

  • Capital city: Canberra
  • Official Language: English
  • Unit of measure: Metric
  • Electricity supply: 240/250 volts, 50Hz
  • USA flag: Old Glory, The Stars and Stripes, The Star-Spangled Banner.
  • Emergency numbers: 000 – for police, ambulance and fire services

Travel connections



  • Sydney
    Central railway station
  • Melbourn
    Central railway station
  • Brisbane
    Central railway station
  • Perth
    Perth railway station
  • Adelaide
    Adelaide railway station


Route 1 is a ring road around the whole country.


Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide

Relocating to Sydney

LSS Relocation have built up a wealth of knowledge on locations around the World. To find out more please visit our information page To find out more please visit our information page.

Property prices

As a general guide you will find property prices are influenced by location and demand. Your choice of location will be influenced by your place of work. Local agents will be the best place to start. The process of buying any type of property or land is strictly regulated. The services of certain professionals are usually required for the process. The local estate agent should be able to give an estimation of all fees and the property charges the buyer will be responsible for when they become the owner.

Typical property prices

Price per square meter for an apartment in a city centre – 8,196.00 A$ A three bedroomed apartment in a city centre – 2710.00 A$ per month.

Property estate agents

Ace Properties Estate Agents


Suite 301

451 Pitt Street Sydney

+61 2 9212 2282

Cayzer Real Estate Agents


330 Montague Street

Albert Park, Vic 3206

+61 3 9699 5999

Greg Hocking City Residential Estate Agents


333 Collins Street,Level 7

Vic 3000

+61 3 8199 1600

Acton Cottesloe Estate Agents


500 Stirling Highway

Peppermint Grove,WA 6011

+61 8 9384 6999

Ray White Estate Agents Adelaide


32 Halifax Street

451 Pitt Street Sydney

+61 2 9212 2282


UK Expats will often send their children to the American Schools which teach the syllabus in English. schools caters extremely well for migrants. With English as the first language it is a simple process to sign up with a local school.

Guidelines on schools in

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Other information

  • Local government offices when relocating to Australia Contact the Australian Government on to find your local office.
  • Leisure & entertainment when relocating to Australia Each state in Australia has its own places of interest and celebrates individual festivals annually. Art festivals and Comedy festivals are all popular yearly events in the larger cities and towns in Australia. There are also a lot of leisure activities based around water. Australia has thousands of miles of coastline to enjoy.
  • Restaurants when relocating to Australia

    Zafferano Restaurant


    Suite 301

    451 Pitt Street Sydney

    +61 2 9212 2282

    Agatha’s Licensed Cafe


    Port Noarlunga

    SA 5167

    +61 8 8384 4393

    Alchemy Restaurant & Bar


    175 Eagle St,Brisbane

    QLD 4000

    +61 7 3229 3175

    Nirankar Restaurant Melbourne


    174 Queen Street

    VIC 3000

    +61 3 9642 1995

    ARIA Restaurant


    1 Macquarie Street

    NSW 2000

    +61 2 9240 2255

    Relocation Companies

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    We understand the need to combine a professional service with the personal touch, so important when dealing with the inherent stress of relocation and the particular requirements of each individual and family. Through maintaining our independence we can treat your employees as human beings and not a number in a database.

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    When relocating your company or staff to a new country it is advisable to research the destination. Through our work with our relocation clients LSS Relocation, has gathered together a wealth of relocation, accommodate, cultural and other local information about countries and cities around the World. Below you will find links with information about relocating to some of those places. Of course, our relocation services are not limited to these countries.